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IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics

The International Association of Athletics Federations World Indoor Championships were inaugurated as the World Indoor Games in 1985 in Paris, France and were subsequently renamed in 1987 as they are known today.

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Additional Racewalking Competitions around the world: Wikipedia | World Athletics Race Walking Tour

The highest level Racewalking competitions occurs at the World Athletics Championships (formerly IAAF World Championships in Athletics and at the Summer Olympics , although the sport also has its own separate major competition – the IAAF World Race Walking Cup – which has been held since 1961. The IAAF World Race Walking Challenge forms the primary seasonal competition – athletes earn points for their performances at ten selected racewalking competitions and the highest scoring walkers are entered into that year's IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final .

Previous IAAF World Indoor Results

From 1995 on NO indoor walk has been contested. Visit the IAAF World Indoor Championships web site for results in other events. At the shorted distances it just get too hard to judge legal technique, they are simply moving soo fast. The worlds record for the mile is by British Olympian Tom Bosworth in 5:31.08.

Olympian Tom Bosworth in 5:31.08

1985 Paris-Bercy, France

WOMEN 3000 Metres
  1. Giuliana SALCE ITA 12:53.42 NR
  2. Hong YAN CHN 13:05.56 AR
  3. Ann PEEL CAN 13:06.97
  1. Teresa VAILL USA 13:59.56

1987 Indianapolis, IN, USA

MEN 5000 Metres
  1. Mikhail SHCHENNIKOV URS 18:27.79 WR
  2. Jozef PRIBILINEC TCH 18:27.80 NR
  3. Ernesto CANTO MEX 18:38.71 AR
  1. Tim LEWIS USA 19:18.40 NR
  1. Ray SHARP USASA 20:13.19
WOMEN 3000 Metres
  1. Olga KRISHTOP URS 12:05.49 WR
  2. Giuliana SALCE ITA 12:36.76
  3. Ann PEEL CAN 12:38.97 AR
  1. Maryanne TORRELLAS USA 13:10.30
  1. Teresa VAILL USA 13:32.82

1989 Budapest, Hungary

MEN 5000 Metres
  1. Mikhail SHCHENNIKOV URS 18:27.10 WR
  2. Roman MRÁZEK TCH 18:27.80 PB
  3. Frants KOSTYUKEVICH URS 18:34.07 PB
WOMEN 3000 Metres
  1. Kerry SAXBY-JUNNA AUS 12:01.65 WR
  2. Beate GUMMELT GDR 12:07.73
  3. Ileana SALVADOR ITA 12:11.33 NR

Heat 2: Teresa VAILL USA 12:52.39

1991 Sevilla, Spain

MEN 5000 Metres
  1. Mikhail SHCHENNIKOV URS 18:23.55 WR
  2. Giovanni DE BENEDICTIS ITA 18:23.60 NR
  3. Frants KOSTYUKEVICH USR 18:47.05
WOMEN 3000 Metres
  1. Beate GUMMELT GER 11:50.90 WR
  2. Kerry SAXBY-JUNNA AUS 12:03.21
  3. Ileana SALVADOR ITA 12:07.67 NR
  1. Victoria HERAZO USA 13:09.90

1993 Toronto, Canada

MEN 5000 Metres
  1. Mikhail SHCHENNIKOV URS 18:32.10 WR
  2. Robert KORZENIOWSKI POL 18:35.91
  3. Mikhail ORLOV RUS 18:43.48
WOMEN 3000 Metres
  1. Yelena NIKOLAYEVA RUS 11:49.73 CR
  2. Kerry SAXBY-JUNNA AUS 11:53.82 AR
  3. Ileana SALVADOR ITA 11:55.35

From 1995 on NO walk have been contested. Visit the IAAF World Indoor Championships web site for results in other events

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