Private and Online Lessons with Curt

Three (3) Ways to Study with Curt

Private on-on-one lessons are available with Curt at their family music store Funky Frets • Boyertown, PA USA 19512 • 494-515-8677 in Boyertown, PA USA. As seasoned musician and a virtuoso player on guitar and ukulele Curt can definitely help with your goals. Checkout the CD pages for his playing and the books section on the site for PDF versions of all of Curt's books. hard copy version of most of the books are available on the Funky Frets on-line store .

Three (3) Ways to Study with Curt

Don't live in the area you can take on-line lessons using Skype or Apple Facetime.

Before the advent of the Internet and high-speed connections to study with a top teacher you had to live relatively close to and take the time to get to the lessons on a regularly scheduled basis. If you lived near a big city with a vibrant music scene and a bit of luck in finding that teacher that might have been possible

With the Internet these limitations of time and distance are no longer an obstacle to gaining access to studying with a top, experienced and professional teacher anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of the latest technologies and practices, I have developed a program of online study that targets specific skills for aspiring ukulele players and music in general.

Here are three options for a more structured approach to learning the ukulele. In addition to simply going it along and figuring it out yourself with what is available right here on and the wider Internet in general.

Private One-on-One Lessons

PRIVATE LESSONS - Private lessons are available at our family music store, Funky Frets, 600 E. Philadelphia Ave., Boyertown, PA 19512 USA. These lessons are the tradition one-on-one approach where you sign up and show up each week, and with the customized lessons, you progress towards your goals.

One-on-One Video Lessons Using Skype of Facetime

SKYPE LESSONS - This is the closest to face to face private lessons as we use the Internet and a simple web camera built in t most computers, tablets and smartphones. There is not distance barrier, and all that is need is to schedule the lessons frequency and time. Skype and Apple FaceTime is the same as in-person lessons at Funky Frets.

Email Correspondence

EMAIL CORRESPONDENCE - This is a go at your pace, and I send you the custom lessons. This option can accommodate any schedule as the communications involve email, phone and video exchange. Lessons with me are an excellent way to have me identify the lessons that are available right here and guide you through the many available lessons.

Email correspondence lessons are a great option for people that can't commit to a schedule due to a job, family, etc..

For more information, you can reach me by email at: or by call me at 484-942-8040.

We can discuss your goals, current level, a schedule and the program that will be best suited to maximize your progress.

What Are the Lessons Like?

What Are the Lessons Like?

You might be wonder just that. "What are the lessons like?"

Both the in-person and skype, and email correspondence lessons are custom lessons based on your goals as well as what every player should know.

Typical lessons contains the following topic areas: Chords and Chord Progression, Single Notes, Rhythm and Strums, The Principles of Music, Learning the `Ukulele Fingerboard, and Developing a Repertoire.

For over 600 lessons for ukulele, 100 plus songs, links to just about every ukulele builder, luthier and manufacture asw well as a massive amount of resources and information for ukulele visit my web site.

Booking Info

Curt Sheller and/or The Curt Sheller Trio is available for concerts, workshops, book signings, festivals, etc... Simply contact Curt directly or Kelly or Bernadette for the quickest response or more information.

For booking a solo or trio concert, workshop or clinic contact:

Kelly Thompson

484 • 415 • 9677

Curt Sheller

484 • 942 • 8040

Bernadette Sheller

484 • 942 • 8041

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Taking advantage of my jazz guitar skills, I began pursuing the potential of the ukulele. Researching the field, I saw very little material organized for the intermediate and advanced player. I have developed an international reputation as a ukulele expert having written over 30 books for ukulele and over 500 lessons.

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