Racewalking Equipment

You have pretty much all you need when you first learned to walk. There is not much more than a pair of good training and racing shoes and running shorts (weather dependent) that are you need for racewalking.

Catalogs and On-line Shopping

For shoes if you can get racewalking shoes, which are very, very rare. Try out racing "running" flats. Both Dave McGovern's and Jeff Savage's racewalking sites have great info on selecting a shoe for "racewalking".

Here is an article from Dave McGovern regarding finding shoes that are suitable for racewalkers: Best Mens Racewalking Shoes by Dave McGovern .

Software and Track Measurement

Heart Rate Monitors

For more information regarding training with a heart rate monitor checkout Dave McGovern's Worldclass Walking web page. Dave has several great articles on the benefits and when to use a heart rate monitor. You can also buy from Dave and support his long years of supporting racewalking.


  • Accusplit
  • Extech - Stopwatches, Times, and Clocks

Racewalking Shoes

Over the years that have been a few major athletic shoe manufactures such as Addias, New Balance, Nike that have mass produced shoes specifically for racewalkers.

NOTE: I still have a pair of the Addias Racewalking shoes on the left above. Never did care for them for training or racing as the sole where/are very hard and I would tend to develoe shin splints when using them.

Coach Carmen® Race Walk Shoe

Here is a dedicated Racewalking shoe: The Coach Carmen™ Race Walk Shoe has a four-part midsole. (Colors do not match the final shoe.) Each piece is angled in nature. The gray part above the blue section is a heel wedge for comfort at impact. The blue heel section piece is the most firm and is designed to provide lateral stability at impact. The gray center piece is a pivot part which is softer than the heel section. The white toe section is resilient, encouraging a spring in your step. The angles of the gradient parts are steeper than those in the casual/training model. The result is a quicker rollover for walkers on the move. Finally, the outsole is a newly released Vibram® LiteBase 100% rubber product that is both lightweight and durable. The lugs offer traction for the trail, track and road.

Or you can do like Govindasamy Saravanan of Malaysia, race walking barefoot. Yikes! (Update September 1998: Maybe there is something to this. Govindasamy won the gold medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia first gold medal. I wonder if he walked bare foot.

Here is an article from Dave McGovern regarding finding shoes that are suitable for racewalkers: Best Mens Racewalking Shoes by Dave McGovern .


Hersey Custom Shoe Company

201 Lunenburg Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420

tel: (978) 345-1313

Latitude: 0
Longitude: 0

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from the Hersey Custom Shoe Company web site

Hersey Custom Shoe Company was founded in 1982 when Bart and Jan Hersey began making custom running shoes in a converted Maine sheep barn. Bart had been director of manufacturing for some of the major shoe companies and was yearning to slow down. He loved making shoes himself and figuring out ways to blend new technologies with the forgotten wisdom and techniques of the old-timers. Jan, his wife, was great at managing details, so together they launched a tiny cottage industry that was to make a surprising impact on the shoe world.

Even more information, discussion and comments on this listing.


16055 SW Walker Road
PMB 112
Beaverton, OR 97006 USA


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from the Reshod web site

The Reshod Difference - The midsole in a Reshod Walking Shoe is comprised exclusively of angled foam components, as opposed to ones that are vertical or horizontal in nature. We believe that walking is a rolling motion and are committed to providing products that offer a smoother ride for walkers who stride heel-to-toe.

Even more information, discussion and comments on this listing.

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