My Personal Racewalking Photos

TA collection of my racewalking photos over the years.

1988 Ronn Zinn 10 Mile Racewalk, Asbury Park, NJ Boardwalk

The first of many races on the Asbury Park boardwalk held by the Shore AC Club.

On the boards at Asbury Park

I see a 1:25:25 or so. Not a bad time for one of my first races.

Racing Eduardo Rodríguez

1995 WAVA Championships, Niagara Falls and Buffalo NY

5km on the track in Buffalo, NY for the 1995 WAVA Championships. Lead this one for a lap or two - but went out way too fast.

20km Road Walk Niagara Falls, NY for the 1995 WAVA Championships. Got a team Bronze medal as the third place finisher for the USA in the age group.

After the 20km walk in brutal heat with “Big Red", Dave Romansky. It looks like and felt like they pulled a couple of wet rats out of the Niagara river.

Polar Bear 10 Mile Classic Racewalk, Asbury Park, NJ

2022-23 Updates: Seems there is no longer a 10 Miler on the boards. The old Ron Zinn spring 10 miler has been 10 km for a bit and the Polar Bear is now a 5 km. A bit of a shame, I always loved the 10 mile distance. Might be that most of my training sessions where 90 minutes or so.

Finally getting back into it. End of age-group coming up and setting some goals to approaching a new age-group.

February 2016 Update: Updating the racewalking section of the site and see that it's been 10 years since that last race. Did OK then and now really, really want to get back into racing shape and now maybe have the time.

December 2008 Update: This is the race that I'm getting back into training for. I'm not leaving myself much time (weeks) to do it. But this is the last chance to get a race in in my 50 to 54 age group. A goal is to finish and start training and get back to racing.


Misc Racewalking Photos

On the Fort Monmouth 2km, 40K loop. Was second one year. Don't know if it was this race.

With Harry Drazin. Harry lived to the ripe old age of 100. That racewalking must be good for you. Harry raced around the world with his good buddy and Olympian Bob Mimm.

A 5km held as part of the 1987 World Cup in Central Park, New York City. First year of Racewalking. Man, does time flay, that is over 30 years ago.

The Polar Bear 10 Mile Racewalk in Asbury Park, NJ. Held the end of December can be anywhere from below freezing, as in this photo to in the 60s.

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